Congratulations! Welcome to ROI Scanner!

Please follow the STEPS below before doing anything else!

Step 1: Check Your Inbox

You'll receive 3 emails from us over the next couple of hours — make sure you open them. This includes a receipt email, an email with instructions on how to register your account for ROI Scanner depending on the level you purchase, and an email for our ROI Scanner training program.

Step 2: Access Your Software Account

Once you register your account (check your email), you can get started with your ROI Scanner software.


Inside the software, you will be able to download our Chrome extension and start analyzing products in the different marketplaces we support.


Be sure to bookmark the login page.

Step 3: Access Our Tutorials and Training

The ROI Scanner training center will teach you the ins and outs of our software — such as page configuration, understanding your analytics, viewing product information, and more — with detailed video tutorials for each step of the way. There is no password; simply enter your name and email to login.

Step 4: Get Help from Our Support

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and ask any questions.


You can access our support site at the link below.

Step 5: Want to Learn More?

Join our weekly podcast in which we share different strategies, tactics, tips, and tricks to find the best products to sell on Amazon doing retail & online arbitrage.

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