Your Online Arbitrage Made Easy

Finally, everything you need to find profitable products from major online sites.

The Easiest Software to Use in Finding Profitable Products for Online and Retail Arbitrage

  • Online Arbitrage

    Speed up your sourcing process by automating the way you analyze data and accelerating the buying process when engaging in online arbitrage.

  • Manual Auto Sourcing

  • Fast Data Analysis

  • Retail Arbitrage

    Set up your searches for in-store pick-up and find hundreds of products in one place that you can search, analyze, purchase, and then pick up later in retail stores.

  • Works on Multiple Stores

  • One Tool with Multiple Features

Find Profitable Products to Source in Minutes

Analyze Hundreds of Data Points in Seconds

Stay Ahead of the Competition

In a very short time, find products that nobody else is finding, purchase your inventory, send it to Amazon faster than your competition every week, and build your inventory faster than anyone else.

Work Smarter, not Harder

Manual sourcing is one of the best ways to find profitable products, but it takes time. Adding automation to that process can save you hours every day, making the way you source smarter, not harder.

Sourcing High-Quality Products Has Never Been So EASY!




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      Frequently asked questions

      • Q. Do I need an Amazon Professional Seller account to use ROI Scanner?

        Yes. To be able to use ROI Scanner, you need to connect your Professional Seller Account so that we can provide the product information to you.

      • Q. Can I use this software if I'm new to selling on Amazon?

      • Q. Can I cancel my subscription?

        Yes. You can do this yourself on our support site through the billing option or by sending an email to

      • Q. Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

        Absolutely yes. ROI Scanner is designed for new sellers to be able to start with our Basic Plan and upgrade from there to the other plans available. Our PRO Sellers can switch between plans, depending on how they want to scale their businesses.

      • Q. Do I get any updates to the software?

        Yes. We are constantly working on new features to make ROI Scanner more efficient, and all users get updates for free regardless of the plan to which they have subscribed.

      • Q. Does ROI Scanner work for Windows and Mac?

      • Q. How do I contact you if I need help?

        You can contact our support team using the link in the top menu. You can also find the support links in the footer of this page, and you will also see a little support icon on the bottom right corner of this page. If you prefer, you can send an email to